Bike The Rock- Huebach Bundesliga

Sepp, Russell, and I arrived on Thursday morning at Frankfurt. We took a train down to Kirchzarten and tried to get over the jet lag as best we could before racing yesterday. 

Thursdays inaugural spin proved to be worth the effort as we experienced some good weather and better views. It was a proper way to get us back into the swing of things here in Kirchzarten.

IMG 5404

Friday we headed out for another fun, go to, loop and finished at the Biosk. I was looking forward to that coffee stop for a while!

IMG 5412

Also, more coffee and good times at Tom’s house. He invited us over for some coffee and his Mom made some delicious rhubarb pie and strawberry parfait. 

IMG 5415

Saturday was a bit hectic. In anticipation of Sepp Racing the u23 race in Huebach, we would have had to leave Kirchzarten at 5:30am, possibly earlier, for him to get there in time to reg and warm up etc. Therefore, after coordinating with Julia, we left on saturday afternoon. Hitched a train up to Seebrugg to meet Julia, then a 2.5hr drive to Huebach. Checked into the Jagerhaus Hostel and slept in the attic.

It was much nicer and easier getting there saturday evening compared to dealing with all that on Sunday morning. 

Sepp raced at 11am and Russell and I raced at 3:15pm. Since it was only us at the race we were self supported. Therefore, Russell and I had to feed Sepp and he would later feed us. 

We never got to do a lap so Russell and I cruised one out for our warm up. I was instantly ready for a suffer fest…

The first half of the course was a huge climb, with pitches topping out near 40%. Then a cool but rough 3.5min dh. Hence, recovery time wasn’t existent and arm pump was a major obstacle to work around. Especially come lap 7!

Russell and I got called up mid packish. After the gun we both managed to stay away from sketchy encounters and were sitting well at the beginning of the climb. At first I was feeling good. Then people started coming around me. At one point I looked back and saw 1-2 other riders. I thought I was in dead last. I rallied the descent as fast as I could and managed to make some time up on the slower descenders. Over the next six laps I managed to make up about 6 spots and finished up 26th. One spot out of UCI points, but I wasn’t bummed about it because at best I could have gotten one. 

Russell had bad luck and flatted on the first lap after sitting in 15th. Sucks to suck, haha.

Post race I was somewhat unhappy with my race. I felt like I was racing by myself the entire time and just dangling off the back. I am hoping the course didn’t suit me and maybe some fatigue from travel was still a player. Either way I am looking forward. Czech is probably my favorite world cup course on the circuit and it is somewhat flat with some punchy climbs so it suits me pretty well. 

For now… We hang out in Kirchzarten for two full days. Biosk trips, good weather, and Schwarzwald single track await. Then off to the Czech on Wednesday for Nove Mesto. Where we meet up with the rest of the USAC crew! #TEAMAMERICA

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