After nationals I took a little time to reset. From then until now I have been trying to enjoy the time I have left in Colorado. 

My current plan is to move back to the east coast on August 29 to be reunited with Emily while she attends graduate school at UNCG, while also being better located to engage in a full cross program with the Raleigh-Clement team. However, this blog post is to update you on what I have been up to since nationals. Because it has been way too long since my last post I am going to enlighten you via picture time line… So sit back and get ready for enhanced visual stimulus! 


Emily and I got to work quick after nationals. Wednesday we hiked Humboldt Peak. The Crestones are towering in the background and peaked my interest! 

IMG 7845

Look at those jagged edges. The Crestones again! How could you not want to climb them!

IMG 7897

Put in a lot of time with a line in the water. I had to go enough to justify buying an out of state fishing license. It was worth it! I caught my fill of fishies and had plenty of fun yanking them out of high alpine lakes like this one. The lower South Colony lake.

IMG 7910

IMG 7923

Donuts became a theme of my off season as you will come to see. This is Emily, taking safety precautions, at Amy’s Donuts after a ride.

IMG 7938

I bought Russell’s moto off of him at the beginning of the year and I finally got to put some time on it and feel somewhat comfortable. I still wouldn’t say I know what I am doing yet. But that is just an excuse to go more!

IMG 7933

At least I learned how to do a burn out! 

IMG 7953

I didn’t stop riding completely. Some views and areas in the Sangre de Cristos were much easier to get to via two wheeled propulsion. This is on Hermit Pass overlooking Horseshoe Lake and Hermit Lake.

IMG 7957

When Emily and I summited Humboldt and saw these peaks jutting into the air I knew I would be back to concur them!


This is the view from the top of the Crestone Needle after summiting the peak and doing the traverse across, which was more technical and a little sketchy but totally worth it and much quicker!

IMG 8030

I wanted to get to know my moto as much as possible while I was letting my other two wheeled machine collect dust. Caroline took me up to Divide, Co area and we hit the 717 trails. Super fun, and for the record, she throttled me… I don’t feel bad admitting that because she use to race moto cross, which I would never do!

IMG 8033

More Donuts…. The Donut Mill in Woodland Park, Co has the best donuts I have ever tasted to date!

IMG 8045

More motoing, this time with Donn Kellogg, Raleigh-Clement Team manager and whip cracker. On this day I got to crack the whip on him though!

IMG 8078

Hiking the Venable trail and this photo of the Phantom Terrace just below the Venable Pass, with Venable Peak off in the left. 

IMG 8086

IMG 8092

Biggest fish I caught this year. 14’’ long and 2lbs. Had to pin him to a rock to calm him down!

IMG 8097

Donuts fueled my start to training again. More Donut Mill #donutpower

IMG 8111

Donuts on top of Pikes Peak. My last 14er. I was in the hurt box and these flaky pastries brought me back to life. Took me 3:45 to climb to the top from my apt and downtown. Only 1.5 to get back home. Must have been the extra weight I was carrying that helped me get home so fast. 

IMG 8133

Fun training race in Castle Rock called “Race the Mac”. I wish I would have done more of them. Russell and I battled it out on this fast, tight turny course for a sprint finish. He nipped me at the line. Some friend uh?

IMG 8137

Saw this sign when we rolled into Steamboat Springs for the Honey Stinger 50 race this past weekend. I decided that no matter how throttled I was on Sunday, from racing Saturday, that I was going to get to the top. I am glad I did because Mt. Werner has a bike park on it with cool lift access trails. 

IMG 8156

Steamboat Springs was a very cool town. It reminded me a lot of Missoula. However, these sulphur springs made it hard to commute to a fro on the bike path. They were so rank!

IMG 8144

I made the paper! Cool uh. This is me about 1mile from the finish with Mt Werner in the background. Here is the article if your are interested. http://www.steamboattoday.com/news/2015/aug/15/colorado-springs-pro-three-peats-steamboat-stinger/

IMG 8141

I was happy to take second. Russell was going fast up and down hill all day. I lost contact with him after the first 10min of the race, from a stupid uphill crash (I would rather not go into detail), and didn’t see him until he was waiting for me after the finish. 

So the last month since nationals has been a blast. I have two more weeks in CO before I make the 24hr journey to Pa to start my CX campaign with Rochester, then Nittany CX, and Vegas. 

Stay tuned for more content. 



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