Casa del Driscoll

From the vibrant, epilepsy inducing, lights of the Vegas Strip to the natural beauty of early fall in Park City. Caroline and I arrived at Jamey’s house on Friday afternoon. We got in a quick spin, taking in the cool autumn air, acknowledging aspens in the midst of the fall transformation, and breathing heavily due to the finishing climb up to Jamey’s house. It almost defeated the purpose of an “easy spin”.

IMG 8355

We arrived just in time. Saturday the house was filled with the aroma of freshly ground oat flour pumpkin/chocolate chip waffles, which seemed to be ritualistically consumed on Saturdays in the Driscoll household when Jamey was not away. Between the waffles…

IMG 8342

and the morning view from the newly refinished kitchen, I was already dreading our departure on Monday morning.

IMG 8341

James and Gary joined in on the waffles genocide. Then we all saddled up and Jamey took us on the neighborhood MTB trails, which were in mint condition due to some rain the previous three days. Jamey was nice enough to let me ride his Lapierre 150mm trail bike, which was definitely overkill for the, fast and flowy, trails but so much fun to rip around.

IMG 8350

Jamey has a pretty good thing going in Park City. I am going to have to come back and ride more trail!

IMG 8348

It should be noted that I am pretty pumped about our new partnership with SockGuy! Check out these promo socks! Team socks to come soon…

IMG 8353

#velocirapture #generallee #siracha #rastaman

Linner (lunch/dinner) quickly followed and then we were back at Jamey’s house awaiting the arrival of some of Jamey and Carly’s friends for a potluck style dinner of carnitas and like 10 different salsas and guacamoles! Needless to say I didn’t have room for the homemade biscuit strawberry short cake dessert but I some how managed to some down my gullet.

I slept through the night in a heavy food coma to wake up to a race morning. We were all taking part in the Ogden CX race put on by TRP, which boasted a hardy 5k payout (men and women each) only 10 deep. The field sizes were small fairly stacked in the mens field. I guess a big prize purse will bring out some heavy hitters.

We got in a morning spin then headed to Ogden to check out the course prior to racing.

The course was rumored to be littered with goat heads so we were running clinchers with tubes and stans in them. Didn’t want to risk flatting tubulars before the upcoming “Holy Week” of CX in New England.

The course was fast and bumpy on hard clay like soil. On the back side of the course was a deep and dry, downhill, sand pit, which you actually had to shift into an easier gear as you descended. A bumpy climb followed then some uphill barriers and a loose off camber section before the finish. All in all the course was fun and I was excited to hear that the promoter was looking to up the ante and make it a UCI race in the coming years. There is a lot of potential there, especially with the Euro-esk sand section.

Caroline was up first and didn’t have quite the competition that our field had. She quickly took to the front, hole-shotting, and then proceeded to take a 1.5min lead about halfway through the race to eventually win and bring home 2k.

Jamey and I were up next. Lining up against Troy W., Ben B., Jonathan P., and Justine Lindine. Off the front row I took the hole-shot and lead the first two laps. I should have pulled the reins in a bit after the start but I was on the front and feeling good. Jamey got to the front after the sand on the first lap and had a gap on the group. I bridged up right away and we were off the front. This was the goal!


So everything was falling into place, except I dug a hole that I wasn’t able to recover from. I sat on Jamey’s wheel for a lap but that wasn’t enough. I had to sit up and fell back to Troy who was chasing. I stayed with him for a lap but had to sit up off his wheel as well. That left Ben B and me riding together until 2 to go when I finally felt like I had recovered enough to go again. I jumped hard after the sand and brought some time back on Troy, 5 sec by the finish line, and ended up 3rd.

I was a little disappointed on 3rd. I really wanted 2nd or 1st but I didn’t race very smart for being at elevation. I also have to hand it to Troy because Jamey and I were fresh. Troy came into the race off of the Reno CX race on Saturday and a big 8hr drive, arriving about 2 hrs before the start.


Though I was disappointed I knew my fitness was there. Also, I was 750$ richer, which will go straight towards my new moto… #priorities!

The team convened for dinner in Ogden. We parted ways with James and Gary who were starting the journey back to Boulder. Jamey, Caroline, Carly, and I headed back to Casa del Driscoll and I hit the hay.

I am using my airport time to relax a minute and write this blog. It is back home to Pa. I am looking forward to a deep breath of 200ft elevation of Birdsboro. Then driving to Gloucester on Thursday to start the “Holy Week of CX”. Can’t wait for the next two weekends with the team. We will be staying in between races at a house. So I am sure I will have a ton of stories for my next post.



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