Pedal Pushing in Providence

Picking up where I left off…

Caroline invited me to come sling some led with some locals, Bruce and son Jesse, she met last year in Gloucester. They were some cool dudes and very knowledgable about sport shooting, which was cool. I grew up around hunting and guns so I am well versed in the subject of safety and protocol but I had never been around sport shooting. 

IMG 8438

We were shooting .22 cal pistols at targets 50ft on an indoor range at the local rod and gun club. Just for fun, Bruce, brought along an old .45cal single shot revolver and a 1911 .45 cal semiautomatic pistol. The best part of the whole night was watching Caroline shoot the .45. She had been shooting the .22’s a bit before but the .45 packs a much bigger punch and I don’t think she was expecting it. She didn’t get hit in the face but with eyes wide she yelled “Holy S*&T!” and I couldn’t stop laughing. 

IMG 8435

Thursday we migrated from Gloucester to Providence. 

Throughout the week it was raining. Friday the weather held true and sprinkled some more. The course was completely grass at first but as the amateur racers went out the mud started to show and thus my frown turned upside down. Personally, I was hoping for it to just dump all weekend. However, it stopped raining on Friday evening. A little sprinkle Saturday morning helped keep the ground slick and by the time we lined up wide lines were drawn and the apexes were nice and slippery. It was a definite double PDX day (my favorite type of days).

The women lined up at 3:45. Caroline, who has been a hole shot king lately,  picked too small of a front chain ring and spun out on the downhill pavement start.

12106905 1637971403142246 123621425498555656 n

Photo Credit: Wil Matthews, @photowil Instagram

She worked her way back into the race and by the finish grabbed 4th. Rebecca and Laurel struggled with early traffic, though still finished solidly. 

12096150 1637701156502604 7582882793500989199 n

Photo Credit: Megan McMahon, @mcmahon_meg on Instagram!/index

At 5:05 Jamey, Lancy, (AKA Lancy Pants or just “Pants) and I lined up. The start was crucial today as the race headed right into a run up less than 1.5min into the race. So being in the top ten was very important. I was able to make the selection and so was Jamey, which was great because Jamey doesn’t always have the best start.


Photo Credit: Wil Matthews, @photowil Instagram

More photos on

Lance on the other hand started back in the 70’s, ten rows back, so he was looking to battle and move up all day. 

12096448 1637956196477100 8287190514274591113 n

Photo Credit: Megan McMahon

As the race played out Jeremy Powers, Stephen Hyde, and Curtis White got off the front early. Curtis crashed and had a shoe mechanical, which caused him to come into the pit for a shoe change. He then proceeded to come back and catch Jamey and my group. So our group was, 4 riders (Danny S. Curtis W., Jamey, and I), and fighting for the last spot on the podium. Unfortunately, I came off towards the last lap and left Jamey to fight for himself. He ended up finishing 5th and I got 6th. As you can tell from the photo below I was digging deep for this!

IMG 8469

Photo Credit: Megan McMahon

I was pretty happy about this because this was my best C1 finish and I was in it until close to the end and fighting for the podium. As I said before Lance was tail gunning from way back and finished on the lead lap, which in it self is impressive considering how much standing around he did on the first lap waiting for traffic to move. 

Team dinner followed racing and we got to know Megan McMahon, a photographer in Providence who has been helping us out and is going to be on board with the team some more!

Sunday we went over the to the course as a team and got in a spin.

12144773 1637971479808905 7921101399178942046 n

Photo Credit: Wil Matthews

I was thoroughly disappointed to see the sun shinning so profoundly when I woke up. That meant the course was going to be tacky or dry, which meant LAS (file treads, fast tires). By the time we got back to the race in the evening the course was actually getting hard packed clay and the corners were getting loose from breaking in corners.

12108808 1637971429808910 8088011086024878161 n

Photo Credit: Wil Matthews

The women lined up again and Caroline, with proper gearing, grabbed the whole shot and continued to stay up front and show they other chicas that she wasn’t afraid to pull them around. K. Nash and K. Compton got away 3/4 of the way through and Caroline maintained her gap, over a group fighting for 4th, and finished with the first podium of the weekend. 3rd.

12144925 1637971606475559 7708551175052434131 n

Photo Credit: Wil Matthews

We were next and I was happy to hear Lance got a better random draw and was starting 5th row instead of 10th. 

The start was downhill on pavement again, so it was screaming fast. I managed to make the front group, which was chasing Curtis and Stephen who managed to put a 10sec gap on us in the first lap… Not sure how that happened but it was certainly impressive. Our group was huge! 11 riders strong by the 2nd lap, which meant I had to use my head as much as my legs to finish well. I tried to stay towards the front or middle of the group the whole race, which was working out. Jamey started going towards the front of the group about 3/4 of the way through and eventually the group widdled down to Jamey, Todd Wells, Tobin O. and myself. 

1546373 1637971643142222 4447395918012588914 n

Photo Credit: Wil Matthews

Jamey put a hard effort down with 2 to go and was hanging it out to stay out there. With Curtis and Stephen still off the front he was in third and I was now battling with T.W. and T.O. for 4th. We stayed together the whole last lap and it came down to a sprint between T.O. and I. We both hopped the barriers and managed to gap T.W. a little who was running. Tobin was able to hold me off at the line, finishing 5th. Lance made good use of his better start and finished top 25, which was great (shout out to Lance’s Mom, Mrs. Pants, for enjoying my blog)


Photo Credit: Megan McMahon

A little disappointed with the last sprint but overall happy with the weekend. 6th in a C1 and held my own on Sunday.

The only thing left to do was help break down the tent, until James got irritated cause we were just getting in the way. We made amends by picking a great Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, and Chinese place (that’s right, all those great cuisines packed into one place!) Aspara Palace.

We said our goodbyes, though our time apart will be short. We all meet again on Friday for the Trek CX Cup in Waterloo, Wi. 

Thanks to James, Doug, and Chad. Our Mechanics who work long days all weekend to make sure we can go out and slay it for an hour! Bikes were dialed all weekend and venue time was really stress free because of these guys. 

12088550 1637988983140488 2749437033380208289 n

Photo Credit: Megan McMahon

Thanks to the great photographers that helped out the team this weekend. Great shots, both candid and racing, from Wil Matthews and Megan McMahon allowed me to make this blog much easier on the eyes!

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