Too much fun… What’s That Mean?

To recap…

After Boulder CX I spent two days riding motos. Monday was an especially draining day physically because I was wrestling the bike all day and mental because I was in constant doubt of survival! Wednesday my flight got canned so I took advantage of being in the Springs on a rainy day. I went and hit the incline, twice. In hindsight, this was probably a bit too much. Thursday I flew home all day. Friday I went for a 2hr bike ride. Saturday I went out and did a longer harder trianing ride to take advantage of some time off before Cincy. Fall is in full effect in PA. Pretty cool to do a long ride to take it all in. 

IMG 8558

Yesterday I raced.

I had my sights set on the podium. So when I got 6th I was a bit distraught. I felt really good on Saturday during my training ride, so I was looking forward to carrying those good vibes into Sundays race. However, I think I reached the end of the rope in terms of training and not resting. 

This became especially evident when I look back at how I felt during the race. From the gun I went backwards. Usually, I have a pretty good start, but I didn’t feel like I had any snap. I just felt flat. I was in 14th after the first lap and was able to get up to the front group by lap 3 but I burned some matches to do that and when moves started going I didn’t have much in the tank to answer with. I rode in a small chase group for the rest of the race and finished where I did. 

So now what? Well, I made it to Greensboro, Nc after the race on Sunday. Now I plan to chill out all week. Coach says, “Lots of couch time. Books and binge watching TV!” Doctors orders I suppose. Cincy is this weekend then Louisville. Cincy is extremely important because it is a C1 on Sat and Continental champs on Sunday. That means two good days would give me some good points! So that is where the focus is, as I sit on the couch, bored, in my underwear.

Enough with the somber, self-pity, reminiscing and on to something really cool! 

My Aunt is crazy and she loves Halloween, which is a recipe for outrageous Halloween decorations. She has been going all out for Halloween for the past 6 years or so. I have always been away at college or racing so I have never gotten to experience it in real life, only by pictures from my mom. Well, pictures have never done her work justice! It was incredible! Her and my uncle have put a lot of time and energy into making a front yard display worthy of charging an admission fee to look at.


This is me standing next to the giant ghost on the end to lend some size perspective… FYI, since I am not the greatest moto rider I dressed up as one for the Halloween party on Saturday night.

IMG 8611

I feel bad for the trick-or-treaters that walk up the sidewalk to the front door. Every two steps you take something jumps out at you. Weather it is Freddie, a crazy Werewolf, or a giant hideous spider. If the kids are not scared from the props, I am sure my uncle will make them jump when he pops out of a bush, wearing a crazy monster mask, wielding a chain saw and yelling!

IMG 8612

These are all life sized…

IMG 8615

IMG 8617

IMG 8618

IMG 8619

IMG 8621

IMG 8622

IMG 8623

I know I said pictures don’t do it justice but that is all I have to share. If you are in the area you can also go check it out. She lives on Limekiln rd. Just off of 422 outside of Douglassville, pa. Believe me you can’t miss it. 


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