Coast to Coast Raleigh Clement Brings the Heat

I loaded up the Suby (sooby) and headed north to my homeland of Birdsboro, Pa. Then after a ride in the morning and a leisurely early afternoon I headed further north, 3hrs, to Stony Point, Ny. I spent the night alone in a hotel room so I binge watched Aziz Anzari’s new Netflix show, “Master of None”.

Saturday morning I did a morning spin around Stony Point, which was pretty gorgeous. The small town sits just west of the Hudson, south of Bear Mountain. Lots of Yacht clubs with giant boats.

IMG 8782

I headed to the venue, feeling pretty good and ready to get the race under way. The first thing I took stock of was the bigger truck “Waffles and Dinges” brought to the venue. The next thing I found out wast he condition of the course. It rained pretty heavy on Thursday but hadn’t rained since then. The course was pretty slick, however bikes probably wouldn’t have gotten that muddy if not for two mud pits with standing water on course. I was more than happy for some mud. When a race weighs heavy on technical skills as opposed to fitness I can usually do pretty well. 

Meg McMahon drove to the venue to shoot some photos, which was rad. She always finds my good side. haha. 

After a pre ride lap I was pumped to get out on course for the real show down. 

Rebecca Fahringer, Amy D rider,  was at the race and I actually brought her a bike up, which I transported from Louisville. We both were talking about how we missed our team mechanics, tents, and other riders. Sometimes you take for granted the setup you have. Every race I did this year was with the team, thus far, and I was simply use to having everything ready for me. In NY I was doing a lot more prep work on my own and that made me realize how good I have it with the team and the level of support they bring. So thanks Raleigh Clement!  Luckily my mom and dad drove up and were helping me. Dad was my pit boss and was cleaning my bike up after pre ride. Mom was meandering around and doing race report texts to our team twitter account so it could be updated. 

Rebecca had a great start on Saturday. She whole shotted, and then faded some but managed to finish 4th.

I lined up ready to rumble.

IMG 5164

Awesome pics from Meg McMahon! Very talented! @McMahon_Meg on insta!

I had a good start off the line and found myself in the front group of Travis Livermon, Dan Timmerman, and Cameron Dodge, coming into lap 2. Right at the beginning of lap 2 was a dip with a climb out. The dip was about hub deep with wattery, soupy, mud. I picked a middle line instead of my previous left line. As soon as my front wheel dipped in I found a rock. Immediately, I heard air coming out and my heart sank. It wasn’t too far to the pit from there and I was able to ride a lot but I fell back to eighth and had a lot of work to do. 

IMG 5394

It was still early in the race so the gaps weren’t huge and I was able to leap frog up through groups. With 3 to go I found myself with Dan Timmerman fighting for 2nd. Cameron had just thrown down a haymaker and I was in no shape to chase him back. Travis had flatted and was hurting after chasing back. 

Coming into the last lap I was riding the mud just a little better than Dan and managed a small gap, not much at all, but it was enough to capitalize on and come across the line in 2nd with a 5sec gap or less. 

IMG 8806

I got to say I was a little disappointed. I knew I was feeling good coming into the race and I like the course, it plays to my strong suits. However, that’s bike racing sometimes. And the silver lining was that I was able to come back after that mishap. Plus, there was always Sunday, and I had redemption on my mind and I got to awkwardly pop champagne.

IMG 8805

Saturday night, after hitting the car wash along with other filthy bike racers, my parents and I headed to a bomb little Mexican restaurant in Haverstraw about 10min away, Tacos Marianitas.

Sunday morning was the same thing but I had to pack up for good and say good bye to the budget motor inn, it was back to Pa after the race. 

After seeing the parking lot of the hotel wet I thought that the course would’ve been muddier but I guess the rain missed the venue. The course was a bit dryer, really tacked up and it was faster, less hard technical riding but more twists and turns, so you still had to keep on your toes. 

Rebecca was striving for more on Sunday too. She missed the whole shot but quickly found her self battling for 2nd place with Jenna Greaser. Crystal Anthony had gotten away early and was about to perform the weekend sweep. Rebecca and Jenna came to the line and Rebecca edged her out! Very cool to see it come down to the line. 

We took off and I found myself with a better start. I felt the wind in my face at the front of the group on lap two and pushed a little through a technical section. I wanted to keep the pressure on early to form the front group. Soon enough it was Cam, Dan, and I with a small gap on the chase group. Halfway through the race I lead through a very easy section. As I navigated a right hand turn my rear sideway brushed against a rock and the deflation began again, my tire and my ego. I immediately thought, “You have got to be kidding me!” but sure as shit I was flat. I was somewhat close tot he pit again, on soft grass, so I was able to ride a lot but by the time I got a pit bike I was had to claw my way back to the chase group fighting for 4th. Scott Smith had just jumped and bridged to Dan and Cam. 

I didn’t waste anytime by sitting in the chase group, just kept going forward. The gap was substantial at this point and I new it was going to take a catastrophe in the front group or for them to sit up and look at each other for the next move. 

I finished 4th with my head hanging low. Again, I felt good and was confident I was going to contest the race until the end. However, that is bike racing sometimes. I was fortunate enough to have someone in the pit for me and also have a pit bike. So it could have been worse. Though when something like this happens I don’t usually focus on the pros, instead focusing on the what could’ve happened. No awkward champagne spraying for me today. 

IMG 5863

I loaded up and had plans with some friends who live in Brooklyn. I haven’t seen them in a while so on my way back to Pa I was going to swing into the city and grab dinner with them. We picked a Traditional Japanese Ramen house, which hit the spot and washed down my remaining woes with Ample Hill Creamery ice cream. I said good bye and wished them a good Holiday then set out to battle more chaotic NYC traffic. I really don’t understand how people deal with that mayhem on a daily basis. I was ready to commit suicide after 1 hr… 

On my way home I learned my teammates smashed in up on the opposing coast! The rest of the team was racing CX LA and Jamey did the weekend sweep on what I heard was a very bumpy, dry, and fast tactical course.

Jamey x2 Wins

Great photos from Wil Matthews who covered the CX LA racing!

Caroline finished 3 and 2 battling some illness.

Caroline 1

Lance takes 2nd both days in the UCI U23 field! More points for Pants!

Lance 1

A weekend off then it Jingle! Three days of racing in the frigid temps of Iowa City! Bring on Mount Krumpit!


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