Sunday approached with a less than favorable forecast. Foggy, cloudy, high of 46ºF, and occasional mist. Therefore, I was happy that I planned on racing MTB’s in the second round of the Souther Classic Series Mountain Bike Racing Series (SCSMBR).

The course was only a little over an hour south of Greensboro so it was easy to get to. The trails were typical Piedmont trail layout; small area and a lot of trail weaving, bending, and crisscrossing back and fourth on itself. However, San-Lee Park provided much more tech than I expected and a decent amount of elevation change for the area. The gravely dirt was actually made better by the over night rain and the slick roots and wet rocks made for some interesting racing while pinned. There was a big old fashioned east coast rock garden in the middle of the course. Nothing that rivals (TSE) Transylvania’s “east coast rock” sections but good training nonetheless. 

We were set for 4X4mile laps. These kinds of trails are not conducive to laying down steady power but man they were punchy. The race stayed together for about 1.5 laps when I started to gap a fellow LMC Bobcat, Matt “Buffalo Man” Clements. From there it was TT mode and me trying to go HAM for training purposes. I am really looking forward to the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race coming up April 11 and want to go into it fit and ready. 

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Post race, Matt and I cooled down and waited for Emily to finish. I was extremely happy that Charlie Storm (Bouldergeist promoter) had grilled sausages going. It was colder than when the race started and a hot juicy sausage hit the spot. They also provided a nice addition to the podium! A rock and a sausage. #bouldergeist

IMG 9386


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