Stage 3- Sycamore Cycles’ White Squirrel Loop

I am going to keep this one short due to depleting energy stores and not enough time in a day. I had to sacrifice blog writing time for laundro mat time. 

Today’s stage was the queen stage. The most amount of climbing by 1500 ft, which doesn’t sound like a lot but if felt like a lot after the last two days and the next two lurking ominously in the near future.

2015PSR Online Stage3

We started in the grassy lot next to the Ranger Station, not far from the entrance of Pisgah on 276. From the line it was up, up, up. A quick sycamore loop then back up to the top of black mountain. Towards the top Black mtn turned techy and made me wish I had practiced my cross fit before the race. A full body work out ensued whilst I navigated root balls, rock steps, and drainage ruts. This section was where I managed to get a bit of a gap on Tristan and from there I ran with it. 

13002422 10157317288160355 6199410559893607670 o

I was very nervous about flatting from the time I got away until I crossed the line but managed to get a good Enduro time in, 2nd on the Avery Creek descent, which was loose, chundery, and a little blown out but still wicked fun. It made me wish I rode my moto more because I was racking up quite a bit of arm pump by the bottom and I still had the 10+min black mountain descent to finish the stage off. 

The majority of the stage I kept my head down, trying to ride steady but hard, keeping in mind there are two more days to come.

I ended up coming through with 3min, which I can breath a little easier about but 1 flat tire or crash could put that time gap the other way. My motto for the next two days are “gotta stay sharp”, which is easier said then done when going into the Laurel to Pilot day. 

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I will elaborate on the massive milk shake I had in down town Brevard at Rocky’s… Old style milk shakes served as lunch. I couldn’t eat any real food after that. There wasn’t room in my stomach, YOLO. Life is short eat dessert first!

IMG 9578

Here is the video recap from today!

Tomorrows stage is wicked rocky up hill with a sustained 11mile climb, there is a hike a bike at the top, and a burley rock garden descent (the enduro segment) that will, hopefully, make me feel like I am on my home trails of southeastern and central Pa. 

2015PSR Online Stage4



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