Because I have been pretty bad at posting lately, and there is way too much time in between my last post, I am going to leave you with a photo essay. My last posts were during the Pisgah Stage race. I haven’t gotten into much racing since then, which is why I have not been blogging. Moreover, I usually only feel compelled to write about races when I am excited about them. Though, to say I am excited about Transylvania Epic is an understatement, if there ever was one!

I have been wanting to race this race since I was a Junior in the Mid Atlantic Super Series. Finally, I have been able to fit the race into my schedule as a training component towards a great CX season. However, that doesn’t mean I am using this as training. I am coming into Monday with winning on my mind. Also, because I managed to meet my Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League fundraising goal of $1500 dollars, I am even more motivated to win. Growing up in Berks County was great for the development of my cycling career. I am extremely jealous of all the kids that now have high school cycling leagues to introduce them and guide them into and through the sport. With that said I hope to be a role model to those kids. First, I am extremely proud of the people that rallied behind me and donated so that I could reach my goal. Second, I want to put the cherry on top, by winning, and show kids that fast guys come from the state they live in and that they too can be good cyclists. I understand If you feel left out, but don’t worry! You can donate all the way up to the end of the race, June 4!

So after Pisgah Stage race I did some road racing, MTBing in Brevard, and lots of road miles. The Transylvania Epic is longer, milage wise, than Pisgah was also the terrain is rougher, much rockier, meaning the average speed is slower. Therefore, the days will be 30-60min longer. I have been working with Jim Lehman from CTS for the past couple years and I am confident that he has had me doing the right stuff to be ready. At this point I am just waiting out the gitters!

As the excitement builds over the weekend check out this photo essay and keep your thumbs ready to click on the next blog update!


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