TSE Stage 1

What a day!

Early start for some pancakes and coffee, my favorite pre race meal. We headed down to staging, all down hill from the RV parking spot, to sign in. Then the fun began.

Filled with rocks a plenty and a good bit of dirt road we had a faster day than the stages to follow. I was expecting the day to be easier than we made it, no such thing as testing the waters, we dove in today. 

After the start loop through we headed east on some moto trail, which had me wishing I had a different two wheeled machine. The first enduro segment ended up separating a group of 4 of us from the rest of the field. We promptly pedaled out Decker Valley rd and I launched an early move on a steeper section just before hitting the double track. Justin was able to hang on to and from there we snaked our way up, over, and around rocks at a good tempo to finish the stage together.  There was one notable view going Poe Paddy Dr… We were up high on a ridge that over looked two or three other ridges. Sitting in Justin’s draft, allowed me to take this in. Then it was all the way back up to the top of the course on a long gradual road, through the feed zone, and down the final enduro segment into the finish. I managed to lead the last down hill and take the stage win though Justin really won the day. 

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Head to Transylvania Epic Facebook page for the full album

Though I won the stage, I am currently sitting second in GC to Justin who took third on the day for Enduro (I took 4th by 2 seconds). That gives him a 30+ second time bonus on his overall GC time. The way the enduro bonuses are incorporated into the overall GC is like this. Places 1-3 for each days, cumulative, enduro segments get a 2min, 1min, and 30sec time bonus off their overall GC race time. This is a new dynamic to the race in 2016, which I am currently getting the short end of the stick from. Though, I fear not! There is plenty of racing left throughout the week and this new component to the race will be an added strategy to continue to mull over.

IMG 9806

Stage Podium: Tim Dannerman, Justin Lindine, Me

I am really to see the race have a good turn out. The weather looks great for the week and it seems like everyone is in high spirits.

This is actually the first time I have ridden in central PA. Growing up racing the Mid Atlantic Super Series I was able to go a lot of places in PA to race. I even made it to Rays Town lake for a ride once, but that is as close as I have come. FYI Rays Town lake is a flowy smooth pump track while these trails are as chundery as they come.  

Emmy and I made our first ever podium together! U25. Our numbers now read “Ass Kickers / Name Takers”.

IMG 9808

DirtWire.tv interview. Thanks Thom! Also, see what other people had to say. Many perspectives to experience. 



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