TSE Stage 2: Tussy Ridge

More elevation on the menu for todays stage and more rocks too! We hit three notable trails that were terribly jarring and I loved every rock I rolled over. It was fun, hard, but fun. 

After a very fast start, I was not warmed up properly, we hit a loose and leafy double track road followed by the first enduro section. I managed to hit my kahones on the back of my seat pretty hard. The dang trail was covered in leaves and pretty slick. 

A good gradual dirt road climb ensued and a group of 6 of us made it to the single track together. I managed to lead into it then perform a front flip over a hole and land back on the trail on my bike as if I meant to. I most certainly did not and I am pretty lucky nothing happened to me or my bike. This section was before the rocks, for this I am glad because I probably wouldn’t be racing tomorrow if I pulled that trick on Tussy’s ridge.

IMG 9819

Here is a demonstration…

13308154 10154105997251285 2876672282271468698 o

Tar Pit trail to Mid state trail was rocky and I was not riding really smooth. More like a ping pong ball due to the fact that my shock was locked out. Once I got that figured out the trail became a lot more enjoyable. I think I locked my shock out in the midst of my front flip.

Jon wert trail was next and my favorite on the day. Rocky, flat, and loamy (soft pine needley dirt). Fun to go fast on but hard to keep momentum. Finesse was needed in heavy doses for this trail. 

From there is was to the second enduro segment, which was real fast and pretty flat, still down hill but flat. At the end a surprise rock bridge spanned a big mud bog and Justin and I hit it going fast, too fast for xc bikes. Lots of clanking could be hear on Longberger when we reached the end of the enduro section. 

We then proceeded up to Tussy ridge. It turned out to be pretty fun. I was hearing horror stories about Tussy’s ridge as we built up to yesterdays stage. I definitely struggled in spots but it was still fun. I like a trail that challenges you to go fast and use your whole body to make it smooth and flowy. Screaming downhills are fun but scary as hell and there is a certain amount of risk that could equate to broken bones. Trails like Tussy’s ridge and Jon wert are hard to be smooth on and the consequences of falling are rarely more than a bruised muscle or scratched knee. However, when you get it right you know it because it feels so much better than when you are riding like a hack.

13308360 10154106008021285 4438816411155379174 o

There was a fun Enduro section off the top of Tussy’s ridge. Probably the only smooth trail in all of Central Pa…

13301234 10154105999276285 6684775041600285322 o

It was pretty much a road ride back to the finish. I tried to attack Justin at the end of the race on a steep climb but I didn’t have the legs to make it happen. He proceeded to sit on my wheel and then get me by a hair in the finish sprint. He played that well. 

I did manage to beat Justin in the Enduro today, by a razor thin margin. However, a 40+ rider knocked me out of the top 3 in Enduro. Therefore, the GC stays the same. No time bonus for me, down 30 seconds with 3 days left… Bom Bom BomMMM!

The afternoon was spent refreshing and relaxing. Here is Emily in her natural “rv life” habitat

IMG 9816

Tomorrow is enduro day. No better way to prepare for that than a few smore’s before bed. 

IMG 9821

The TSE photo album for stage 2 should be updated shortly. Have a peak tomorrow. I am going to bed. Full endurbro tomorrow!



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