The stage was set…

Emily and I spent the last 10 days preparing for the final ProXCT of the Mountain Bike series, Windham. Rebecca Fahringer and Nick Czerula, graciously, allowed us to Boondock in their front yard. It was awesome. We were exposed to some great New Hampshire roads…

IMG 0500


IMG 0524

maple syrup, maple syrup lattes…

IMG 0493

ice cream…

IMG 0501

farmers market…

IMG 0511 

training crit, and the likes…

IMG 0480

Concord, NH was great. Emily and I were a little disappointed to not travel further north into the White Mountain National Forrest or to the Kingdom Trails but relaxing was great. So we put those two destinations on our list for next summers road trip plans. 

We traveled from Concrod to Keene, NH on Tuesday night, stayed at a campground then woke up to rain. We were pretty bummed until we found a break in the precipitation and hit the local trails, Drummer Hill (advised by Hailey Suraskey). The trails were amazing. We rode in from down town and had a blast. The loamy nature made the rain a welcomed friend. The trails were lush and the roots were slippery, thus we added another destination to spend time at for summer road trip 2017.

IMG 0543

Once in Windham we rode the course on Friday.

IMG 0551

The recent rain put some muddy spots on the open ski slope and made the rock gardens rather slick, which I was grinning ear to ear about. I was more than ready to push my new Hei Hei DL to the limits on some rocky off camber terrain.

My parents arrived Friday night and Emily’s parents drove up from NC to catch Windham Live. With that said we had a great time seeing each other Friday night. My dad made a big Pound Cake for Kerry Shields’ birthday, which was heavy and delicious. 

Saturday morning we migrated from the RV Park (Doherty’s Mountain View Campground right off of 23) to the course for the big day. 

I have always come into Windham timid and conservative because I am not a great climber but this year with a bit more mud and slick rocks/roots I was looking forward to having a good time getting side ways. 

Off the start I found myself in a not so favorable spot but I kept my head up and picked groups off one by one.

IMG 0562

I made my way into the top 10 and on the last lap, or I thought it was the last lap, I attacked at the top of the mountain. I sure did gap my competitors but then came through the start with 1 lap to go. So I struggled up the climb and lost two spots to smarter racers who were paying attention to lap count (there were no officials shouting out lap count or lap cards). I crossed the line in 9th happy with my effort and the UCI points I accumulated due to the HC category of the race. 

IMG 0564

Thanks Kona for getting me the Kona Hei Hei DL last minute. Can’t wait for what’s to come!

After the race I showered in the RV grabbed a smoothie and a beer (devil on one shoulder and angel on the other) then watch Emmy smash it out. 

After Emily’s race we made the four hr drive to my parents house in Pa. This drive was saddening to me because Emily and My road trip in our new RV was ending. We had such a great time over the last 2.5 weeks. New places, seeing old friends, discovering new trails, roads, and areas. Our RV performed stunningly and I can’t wait to take it on more adventures.

For instance, next weekend we may take it up to Banner Elk for a little visitation/ whipping freshman into shape! That’s a promise Tim Hall.

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