Finally some down time.

After the Boston-Windham trip Emily and I parked the RV and have been yearning for more time to take another trip, however, it wasn’t in the cards. Between her starting her second year of grad school at UNCG and me trying to wrangle equipment, vehicles, lodging, etc together for the start of CX we haven’t had much time for anything. Notably, we did see “Sausage Party,” which was awesome! 

IMG 0662

 So as you may have gathered from my social media updates I am riding with Kona this year for CX, with Doug Sumi is my mechanic. He and I will be hitting the majority of the ProCX Calendar, including the two world cups and all but one C1 (Broken Arrow, Ok because it’s a logistical nightmare and who wants to be in OK in December. I know James Sullivan doesn’t)

We have a great group of sponsors on board this year; Shimano components, HED Cycling (Jumped on board last minute and therefore I am eternally grateful!), Clement Cycling, Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB), Crank Brothers, Giro, Jakroo Apparel, Smith Optics, Clifbar, Wolftooth Components, Shields Signs, and Vp Components. Also, Ken’s Bike Shop was an enormous help to me as I was trying to build these bikes up as fast as possible. They supplied me with the small parts I needed quickly and let me take over vacant work stands in the shop whenever I burst through the door spilling equipment into their shop. 

I’ll be running the Major Jakes this year. A Carbon CX disc frame, strapped with a variety of HED Stinger 3’s and (wicked light) aluminum Ardennes.

IMG 0661

IMG 0666

I haven’t gotten a ton of time on the bikes because I just got them all built up about 2 weeks ago but I feel at home on them. They have a short top tube, which gives the bike a compact, light, and twitchy feel, but a head tube angle just north of 72º to slow down the handling and give the rider balanced control. I am more than ready to see how it handles in intense race situation. 

IMG 0634

Yesterday I made the pilgrimage to Pa from NC as a stopping point between Rochester. Doug should arrive this evening and then tomorrow we head north and let the CX season commence. The jitters and butterflies are starting. There is always a sense of uncertainty when coming into the first race of the season, even if you had a good season last year. You never know where you will stack up to the guys you raced last year.

IMG 0707

I have a feeling everyone, including me, is trying to start the season hot, due to the heavy concentration of C1 and world cup races in the first 6 rounds of racing. More Euro’s are coming over this year too so the US race scene is about to be as fast as it has ever been. Therefore, I am nervous but more than excited to see where I stack up. This is all backed up by the confidence instilled in me by my new team. I can’t thank Kona enough for coming through at the last minute to help me put this program together. Time to pay back! My head is held high and I look toward the top step. 

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