Night Races- Cross Vegas!

How might one occupy their day when waiting to race at 9:30pm? While this is an easy question to answer, at least in theory, the answer presented is not the easiest undertaking.

For instance, most people will tell you they chilled out, read a book, go online and surf the internet until they find the end, stretch, go for a spin, drink too much coffee and then drink more, have some food, and watch Netflix. I find that even if I do all the tasks I still discover a crippling sense of boredom at some point throughout the day, which leads to an extreme lack of motivation come race time. And I know I am not alone! I hear friends and co-workers (haha just kidding) tell me how they “Need to dig deep for some glory inspiring motivation”. This happens way more when races are later in the day as opposed to early in the afternoon.  

Sometimes it is frustrating, especially when I ask people what to I should do, or explain to someone that I am bored and, thus, they offer up suggestions. The laymen person may say “You’re in Las Vegas! There is so much to do. You could walk the strip, glimpse at the scantily clad women in wonderment and curiosity, feel the pull of the blinding neon lights luring you in to the potential of riches and happiness. How can you be bored?”

Even typing those things felt exhausting. I mean this is a World Cup we are talking about, not just some local race or typical training day. The mindset that has rubbed off on me through my experience in the top level of cycling is that, to be on your feet is a waste of energy! But how do balance that with the doldrums saturating a day where you don’t leave the house except to gingerly pedal your bike for 1hr or less?

I often grapple with this problem when races are later in the day or in the evening. It is one of the reasons I dread night racing. Though I am working on it because I agree with the logic behind it. More people are available because they have done their errands; exercising, homework, etc, and now have time to watch people suffer at a blisteringly fast pace. Especially, when they just raced on the same course. They can understand just how much faster we are going and how much dedication it takes to do that. This, in theory, could be good for the sport, more exposure. It’s a show, an event, and I am part of the show, I am a showmen, if you will? 

Well, I guess I need to buckle my shoe straps (actually I have laces now, Giro Empires!) and suck it up, I mean who complains about having to relax or “chill out”? I’ll have a shot of espresso at 8pm, and do some jumping jacks. Maybe I’ll have Doug slap me in the face a little bit and talk trash at me to get me pumped up because the show much go on! 


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