Crash Vegas

Less than 10 seconds into the race I find myself, involuntarily, hitting the eject button, taking a trip over the bars into the barriers, and being dog piled by my fellow racers also caught in uncontrolled chaos… This, unfortunately, is bike racing sometimes.

No matter how much you train, or focus, or will yourself not to be part of racing induced catastrophes, sometimes it is just out of your control. That is what happened yesterday at cross vegas for me, unfortunately, this is the second year in a row! (At least this year there was better video coverage of it.) Thus, I am now deeming Cross Vegas my kryptonight. 


As I said in my last post, “The show must go on.” and I am looking forward to redemption this coming weekend at Jingle cross. However, I am still disappointed in last nights race because I hate thinking that all the resources, time, planning, and energy I put in to make it a success were wasted. This nagging frustration will pass and I will look back on the race without a trace of discontent, which is undoubtably why I love this sport. It’s the love-hate relationship. It’s the high’s and low’s that appeal to me, that draw me in and constantly keep me grasping at even the smallest shards of glory. I am sure that if everything went right all of the time it would be great for a while, but then it would eventually get old. Lack of a challenge and predictably is unattractive to me. Cycling is not a labor of love for me, but the opposite. I love it and therefore I labor for it. 


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