What we need!

Constant line changes, elevation changes right and left, on the limit from the gun, too many “pucker” moments to count. These are all things that make a good Cyclocross course, which John Meehan and the Jingle Cross crew delivered! 

When the international competition, who is use to a high level of race course in Europe, is saying “it’s a cross between Koppenberg and Hoogerheide”, (two iconic CX World Cup venues) you know the course is the real deal. 

IMG 9809

However, a great course isn’t all America needs to grow. We need fans, we need word of mouth from people outside of the larger cycling community, who experienced the venue, the racers, the beer, the food, the atmosphere, the togetherness and equally important the heckling, and we got that! Iowa City had shuttles packed to the gills bringing people in to witness the spectacle of CX that is suffering, pain, and glory!

The Johnson City Fairgrounds housed large crowds on Saturday for the World Cup event. Such a large amount that I can still remember getting goosebumps on the start line as I stared over the shoulders of my opponents in front of me and failed to find a bare spot of fencing along the start straight. 

IMG 0857

While Friday night and Sunday may not have been as highly attended as Saturday it’s a start and you have to start somewhere. All I know is that I am ecstatic to have been a part of this past week of CX racing in America (Cyclocross Stage Race of America). Now that the foundation is laid we can start building the rest of the structure. I am keen to see where the sport is by the end of the season. I have a good feeling that we are heading in the right direction. 

It goes without saying that I am really happy with my results this past weekend. After having some bad luck in Vegas I was looking forward to putting that behind me and getting after it on a course that better suits my riding style. With a 23rd on Saturday in the World Cup and 9th in the C1 on Sunday I can walk away from the weekend with my head held high looking forward to the KMC Cyclocross Festival this coming weekend and Charm City the following weekend (then a much needed weekend off). Big thanks to Doug Sumi for keeping the cogs turning smooth this weekend, as well as Kona and all my other supporting sponsors. Stay tuned! 


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