Flu Doom and Bounce Back

Thursday was great. I got out for a spin. My mental was focused hard on the upcoming weekend. I had some good training the week prior and was feeling rested and refreshed. I was excited for the new venue, excited to see Emily, and excited my parents were coming to watch the race/ cheer/ support. However, I woke up on Friday and could barely move! The flu had come over me in the night and manifested itself deep into my bones. I felt gutted!

Doug woke up and came down stairs. I broke the news and we immediately started re-planning our weekend, after he took me for medicine. I couldn’t operate a vehicle. Doug was all set to head up to NY and rock the support all weekend. Then drive down to NC for Thanksgiving break to hang out with some friends in the Asheville and Brevard area. With no racing on the docket he was keen to head down to NC on Saturday, which made sense. I was in no shape to race and there was no point in him hanging out in boring AF Birdsboro, Pa.

Doug took off. Though, Emily was still flying in. So I was going to the race, no matter what. Luckily, she hopped off her plane in Philly and I only had to drive 1hr as opposed to 3 (original itinerary was into NY) to pick her up. 

Thanks to Bikeflights.com her bikes already made it and I was lucky enough to be around to build them up. 

IMG 1319

From there the weekend proceeded as  planned except I was assigned pit boss rather than pedal pusher. However, this was hard for me to really commit to. I woke up Saturday morning feeling so much better but I knew racing wouldn’t go well. So I thought, “Maybe Sunday! All hope is not lost.”

Sunday I felt even better, and the course was epic. Rain fell over night and all the fitness climbing from Saturday turned into slick AF off chambers and lots of running. The Rockland Community College got a Belgium overhaul over night and I was chomping at the bit to race. Those aspects were harped upon heavily by the devil on my shoulder, whispering in my ear. The angel on the other side was being much more conservative and level headed, saying things like; ”Just relax, kick this flu for good and don’t let it drag out through the season. Don’t race and then not be able to train next week. You don’t want to go into Tulsa “Ruts N Guts, C1” feeling stale!”. 

The angle won out. not only because it was right but also because I only had MXP’s and the course was way to sloppy. It was PDX, maybe even the new Clement BOS, bull dozer tread!

IMG 1335

While I didn’t race, I don’t regret it, on the contrary… It was painful watching my fellow CX racers battle for glory! And at first that is all I could think but after some consideration and outside advice I let that yearning to race spark a fire! I missed out on a good weekend but I have plenty more weekends ahead and now I feel recharged and more focused on the races to come. 

It is funny how nearsighted we can sometimes be in times of desperation. There are always people surrounding us who reinforce the devils as well as the angels on our shoulders. Some know what we want to hear and tell us that. While others know what lie ahead and make logical reasonable decisions. So again I can’t thank coach Jim Lehman of CTS enough. He was pushing me to lean on the conservative side of things, which was ultimately the right call and the call I made. He was looking down the road at Tulsa, Nationals, World Cups, and Worlds!

Who knows maybe I could have raced this weekend and it wouldn’t have hurt me further down the road. I am certain I wouldn’t have raced that well and that may have bummed me out, which could have set me back worse than the physical aspect of the illness. Plus, I don’t think Emily could have done as well without the dream team in the pit…

IMG 1330

Regardless, the fire is stoked I am looking forward to another weekend off, Thanksgiving, training, and more training. Ruts N Guts is next in Tulsa, Ok and I am gunning for the top step. 

Thanks Myles Romano for hooking the Kona Team up with Tech space and being an awesome promoter. I worked the pit with my Dad for Emily and watched Myles hose off a couple dozen bikes with a roll of caution tape and a huge rubber mallet strapped to his belt. Everyone’s Hero!

IMG 1334

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