Last Post of the Year

I’ll keep this short and filled with lots of pics because there is way too much that has happened since my last post. In terms of racing it was Hendersonville (NCGP).

IMG 1414 IMG 1420




Followed by a local NCCX race in Statesville (which was wicked muddy and therefore wicked fun).

IMG 1441

Other than that I have been hitting the books hard and doing my homework.

IMG 4516

The prep I have undergone over the last couple weeks is going to have to carry me through the end of the season, which is about to hit hard.

IMG 1461

I was chatting with Doug and we talked about how we hit racing hard AF in September, it felt like we didn’t do anything over the last two months, and now we are about to go pedal to the metal for the next 6 weekends.

It hasn’t been all work and no play.

Christmas was great and I had a great time!

IMG 1471

Starting with Nationals next Sunday followed by the Italy, Fuiggi World Cup, Hoogerhiede World Cup, World Champs, two C1 races in Belgium, and ending the season with CX Tokyo in Japan. Unlike other years I am coming into the end of the season with a renewed level of energy and excitement. Not only will this be my first CX experience in Europe but I have a lot of momentum, with which, to build off of.

This year with Kona has been my best thus far. I am certain there is no way I could have achieved the things I did this year without their support and I can’t wait to finish out the season and move into the next.

I set a hand full of goals at the beginning of this season and I have accomplished them all but one… I got third in the ProCX series, I am ranked 43rd in the world (inside type top 50 was my goal), and I am going to the world championships in Luxembourg at the end of January! Getting on the podium at CX nats is on the docket, only time will tell but I am feeling good about my fitness and eager as a beaver to race!

So, Cheers to an incredible year, and another Cheers to finishing the season off strong! Thanks for everyone that has been following along. I hope I can keep the excitement alive over the next two months. But first, let’s send it into the new year!!!


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