Pancakes Abroad

My favorite breakfast is pancakes. I don’t discriminate either. I like them all.  I do prefer a hearty stone ground flour but I will just as quickly use Bisquick if that is my only option. I certainly like to mix it up as well. Throwing in pumpkin pie mix, gratted apple and cinnamon…

IMG 1371

or holiday themed (christmas cakes)…

IMG 1504

Also, I like to toss in dark chocolate chocolate chips, mini’s are best because they don’t melt out into the pan but morsels will do. This is only a recent addition to my pancake game. Emily is an adamant chocolate consumer and often gets angry with me when I forget to add them in. So now I just always do. 

IMG 1640

The toppings are up to you but my favorites are: peanut butter on one half, I cut mine in half to keep the halves separate and the toppings from mixing because I am weird like that, topped with real deal maple syrup. I highly discourage using that shitty store brand maple syrup, which is diluted and tastes like maple flavored Aunt Jemima. Authentica is more pricy but worth it in so many ways.

Emily puts all her toppings on together and they contaminate each other. She even mixes them together. I think that is gross and feel as though she does it just to make me uncomfortable in the morning. She also claims to be able to distinguish between the flavors when they are all mixed together but I call B.S. on that! 

IMG 1641

The second half I like Trader Joe’s cookie butter aka Biscoff spread, aka Speculaas (if you are in Europe). It is basically spreadable cocaine! If the Biscoff isn’t available I’ll do more peanut butter and slather it with yogurt. 

IMG 1642




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