That’s a Wrap

Wow! The last 5+ months have been incredibly fast paced. Kicking off CX season in September and running straight through the first weekend of February. The only lull in racing was around thanksgiving and late December, which was actually nice because you could manage to get some training in!


I am incredibly happy with the way the season has gone for me. In May I had no team or plan and I was stressed out thinking I was going to be running my own program with zero to very little support. Kona stepped in at the final hour and saved me. I can’t thank them enough. They didn’t only give me the opportunity I needed but a huge piece of mind, which is why I am so happy to continue riding for them for 201-18 season.


As I decompress from all the travel, racing, and planning I have a feeling I will be constantly thinking about how next year will be better. While training will take a back seat to having fun for a few weeks I do have racing on the schedule. Three big mtb races this year will be my contribution to the Kona Endurance Team’s bid for world domination. I will be toeing the line for the Pisgah Stage Race in April, Transylvania Stage Race in May, and MTB Nats in Snowshoe, WV in July.

From now until the start of CX I have a few things I am most excited about. One being training and changing things up. I learned more than I could have imagined, and realized a lot more, over the last month, getting my ass kicked in Europe. So I want to incorporate those ideas into this years build. With the goal being to keep the progression rolling for 2017 CX.

Another thing I am excited about is to take this spring and early summer a bit less seriously. Training will be the main goal but adventuring will come a close second. Emily and I have a parkway thru-ride planned in June. We are going to ride south from Shanendoah National Park, 476 miles, to The Great Smokey Mountain National Park. I can’t wait for the views and solitude the Appalachians will have to offer.


Instead of writing a lot of text I have pulled a ton of Meg McMahon Nugs, my favorites, and other pics throughout the season and have compiled an end of the year picture gallery. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for all the support this year. It was a banner year and I can’t wait to keep the dream rolling.


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